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Webbed Sky
I woke one evening
  in a refrigerator
    filled with Love.
                            Your frozen songs
                             and self-scarred necks
                              have smeared
                                                   a glacier of growth
                                                      around my eyes.
                                                      And the nests of first 'Love'
                                                                                      led us to believe
                                                                                      we'd stick together
                                                                                      like dragonfly wings
                                                                                      to the supple spider webs of
                                                                                                                                Innocent Dest
Webbed Sky by flappability
deviation in storage by queenhrosie
deviation in storage by queenhrosie


The insinuation of soft salt-rose-petaled
rain pelting the window whistles
into these too changeable ears until 24 years,

seized with overbearing yearning, pour
into a single glass. The year I became Christian,
which is the year you drowned me

in a reign of love, whisks castaway
among a torrent of lingering & malingering
& my engulfment is recast

as you lifting me dripping to the surface.

Soon the self I had perceived hardly seems to be,
but for a faint rattling like that of train
tracks being racked upon my brainwaves

& although stronger metallurgy leads to more
pristine machinery, so does the warping
of the rack lead to both a wandering from
& wonderment at a rainy day's brilliant

ability to diffuse.
If I believe in God

he sends me

wings from his stomach’s
hungerous pit

& allows me to limn sublimity.

Or if each is living oblivious
to each

I’ll wake in fright

& limn the flightlessness

of that night’s


Ashes Hell Mind.
People's Republic of China
I assume if you're here on purpose that you read poetry. So I'd probably like you if we met.


Current Residence: Yantai, China
This journal is written for a specific friend, who helped me remember an old Xanax trip and a poem I wrote about it:

The Grown Bulb

All summer
we were an inseparable Jill
and J∅ck and I made my girlfriend  
grimace when I mentioned
how much like that hill
we had together

Yet you were an old man
scattering s∅∅d—benching
on my palm, reading
an out-of-print

So on my last Xanax trip,
I ripped you clean from me until a fountain
formed in your abs∅nce.

I cut you to
the quick; I cringed;
I painted "F∅CK" with blood
on the bathroom

Did you return out of love
or an evolutionary drive? Or were you sent  
by some g∅d: you
the bone-
flesh of my

May our beards grow forever longer, Cameron.

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